At Home in a Neighbourhood Where I Belong

At Home In a Neighbourhood Where I Belong

It started with an Inclusive Housing Lab, now there’s an Action Plan too.

Welcome to the Inclusive Housing Solutions Lab that looked inside and outside the bricks and mortar of a building to explore what “home” means to us all.

The Inclusive Housing Framework

The Lab created a framework that identifies essential components of inclusive housing. ​

Supportive Factors

Along with the six elements of the inclusive housing framework, the Lab noted that there are factors which enhance inclusive housing initiatives.​

The Lab’s Roadmap: An Action Plan for Inclusive Housing

Based on the Framework, we identified five areas for action that are shown in the picture below.

View the full Detailed Roadmap here

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The Lab contributed to a broadened framework and definition of “inclusive housing”, as well as shifts in how this is understood and now talked about. From the beginning, the project name “At Home in a Neighbourhood Where I Belong” brought people into a new conversation about belonging and connection as central aspects of inclusive housing. ​

In New Brunswick, where this Lab was focused, there is a changing housing conversation and diverse stakeholders including government staff and housing operators are now talking about housing as a means to build community and connections. There is also a new growing awareness that community building needs to be intentionally and pro-actively integrated into housing projects and settings.